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Al-Sc Alloy Powder

Aluminum-scandium alloy powder suitable for 3D printing.

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Product Introduction

Additive Manufacturing(AM), commonly known as 3D printing, is a technology of manufacturing physical objects by stacking special metallic, non-metallic and biomedical material layer by layer according to extrusion, sintering, melting, photocuring, spraying and other process through software and numerical control system.

At present, civil aircraft manufacturers such as COMAC and Airbus have conducted a large number of tests and verification on industrial 3D printing technology, material and equipment. With the increasing demand for energy-saving and weight-reduction of civil aircraft, 3D printing technology and relative high-performance aluminum alloy powder will be rapidly developed. Undoubtedly, the market prospects for high performance powders will be enormous.


Our company has currently developed a variety of Sc-containing aluminum alloy powder suitable for 3D printing. The basic properties of Al-Sc alloy powder are listed as follows:





Granularity composition(%)




Powder Granularity




Apparent density(g/cm³)


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